5 New Year Social Media Strategies that Spark Fireworks

As the new year approaches, many businesses will be looking for the best ways to promote their sales and special offers to attract new customers and boost sales. Promoting your New Year sale when the holiday season is coming to a close is a bit tricky to manage. After all, people have already made many purchases during the month and may be reluctant to spend more. 

However, having a creative social media marketing plan can be just what you need to promote your New Year sales and stay ahead of your competitors. There is still a major audience group to capture – people looking to exchange gifts, grab hold of better deals and discounts, or make purchases for themselves as they enter the new year. 

Taking complete advantage of social media is key; instead of picking one, try combining a few different strategies from the list below to maximize reach and ring in a wider audience!

1. Make your New Year visuals pop

No matter what sale or promotion you are running for the new year, creating striking visuals is key to catching your audience’s eye. The goal is to create social media posts that make people stop scrolling and pin your post so they can avail your sale. 

Include clear but catchy messaging that indicates that this is a deal they would not want to miss. Let your audience know that stocks are running out quickly or that this is a limited time offer to create a sense of urgency.

Creating out-of-the-box New Year graphics is simple and quick with websites like PosterMyWall that have several customizable templates to choose from. Just make sure to publish New Year content ahead of time across your social media profiles so that it gives you ample time to send your audience reminders till the actual day.

2. Launch a social media countdown 

A countdown is a great way to slowly build excitement and anticipation for your New Year sale. Include CTA’s that encourage people to mark their calendars for the date. Plus, you can incentivise customers even more by including sneak peeks of the products/services that will be going up for sale. 

The best platform for a countdown would be Instagram. The app already includes a countdown widget that can be added to stories which allow people to get reminders along the way too!

3. Run a social media competition

An engaging and simple social media competition is sure to get people roped in towards your New Year promotion. Keep the rules easy to follow without any complicated steps. It can be as straightforward as a short quiz on your social media platforms or a bigger campaign that asks people to submit photos or videos (and tag your business!) about their favorite products. 

Hosting a competition is great for expanding reach and gaining greater visibility. Encourage your followers to spread the word to increase their chances of winning. Make sure to incentivize people to send in their entries by offering a special discount code that can be used during the sale or the chance to win exclusive merch.

4. Team up with social media influencers 

More and more people look to social media influencers to make purchasing decisions and inspiration. Visit any influencer’s profile and you will find comments of people curious about the products and items used by the influencer. 

Consider reaching out to influencers that fit your brand and partner with them to create awareness about your sale. You can offer selected influencers a special discount or send them a gift box in order to promote your sale to their followers.

5. Tap into social media advertising 

Social media advertising allows you to target specific areas and audiences that are significant for your business. Running Facebook and Instagram ads is great for reaching particular demographics and interests, all while attracting new customers. 

The best part is that running social media ads is relatively budget friendly and a great way to make sure you don’t overspend – you can set an amount aside for your ad campaign and the app will handle the rest. Remember to keep track of the results so you can use that information before running your next ad. 

Start your new year with a bang 

The new year is the very last opportunity to boost sales before the next year begins. With a few of these strategies, you can effectively promote your New Year sale on social media and drive greater traffic to your business. 

Social media marketing can often be difficult to navigate because of how it constantly changes. Make use of diverse content to promote your new year sale including static visuals, GIFs, videos, and reels to keep your audience engaged. You can make your own high-quality social media marketing graphics easily online that would work for any platform and marketing strategy of your choice.

Best of luck!

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