Top 5 Clothing Brands in India for Fashion Lovers

The world of fashion and clothes has evolved over the past few years. The public is becoming more aware of their brand. What a individual’s clothing can say a lot about the person they are. Certain brands are focused on cut and style while others are in tune with the latest fashions. No matter which brand you pick for the wardrobe of yours, they can help you create a style statement that showcases your individuality. Here’s an inventory of the top apparel brands available in India which give you the benefit of value-for-money fashion, comfort, and fashion.


Raymond is not just the largest clothing company, but also the largest exporter in the world of suitsing fabrics. Since its founding around 1925 Raymond maintained its status as an uncontested leader in the Indian textile industry. The company’s success is based on its constant effort to keep up with the ever-changing times. Raymond also owns sub-brands , such as Park Avenue, Parx, Color Plus, Raymond Fine Fabrics and more. It also offers shirts, suits denims, and custom design.


Levi’s is among the most well-known clothing brands in India. It was founded in 1853 under an initial name Levi Strauss & Co. but is now known under the Levi’s brand. This is an American clothing retailer, with stores are available in over 100 countries around the globe, including India. It has more than 400 stores around the globe located in 200 cities and towns. In 1995, Levi’s launched their operations with India and is one of the best developed and well-known Indian apparel brands. They have an array of items that are suitable for everyone, both males and women. It is famous for its clothing, including jeans, shirts and sweaters.

Global Desi

Global Desi is the ultimate fashion-forward destination for the woman looking for beautiful designed women’s wear online. The current fashions are focused on the stunning amalgamation of various styles and styles. We try to bring different cultures together with vibrant prints and vibrant colors in our women’s fashion wear designed to keep you in style. We present to you the fusion of fashion and women’s clothing with distinctive styles that add an appealing style and lets you make a statement against the rest of the crowd.

Fab India

It was launched in 60 in India. The collections are for men and women, children, makeup products, customized clothing, and dining accessories. What really impressed me about Fab India is that they have gorgeous collections of hand-made products from the rural areas.

Allen Solly

The brand was founded in the year 2000 by Madura Fashion & Lifestyle, Allen Solly is now owned by Aditya Birla Fashion and Lifestyle. It is one of India’s the largest clothing companies that sell stylish and fashionable clothing accessories, bags, and other items for women and men. In addition, it caters to all ages. In addition, the USP that the label has is its stylish office attire that is easy to wear. The clothing brand has recently launched the latest collection named Friday Dressing. This collection is perfect to add some spice to your outfit.


Our blog gives a comprehensive an overview of the top clothing brands available in India. Today our fashion needs are increasingly complex and demanding. It is important to realize that the clothes we wear do more than just reflect our identity and the things we are doing. When we consider the kinds of clothes that is available in the present, we realize that it’s more than just being stylish and looking nice. The clothes we wear reflect our character, values and outlook.

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