Biography of Anand Dighe Saheb – Anand Chintamani Dighe

Anand Dighe was born on January 27, 1951, in Thana, Bombay State, India. He passed away on the 26th of August 2001 (age 50) in Thane, Maharashtra, India. Anand Chintamani Dighe was a senior leader of the Shiv Sena party and chief of the Thane district division in the Shiv Sena party. Dighe was a popular leader with a large following. He was also known as Dharamveer. He was regarded as to be a powerful Bahubali and was a popular Bahubali in Thane. He, along with Shiv Sena party workers will hold every day a Darbar at his residence in Tembhi Naka to address the issues confronted by citizens of Thane.

Anand Dighe Childhood

  • His parents came from a typical Marathi Manus Family. They had either farming or working around their home village. The name of his father was Chintamani Dighe.
  • Balasaheb often visited Thane and gave some of the best speeches that attracted a small Anand to him and his group.
  • As a child, Anand Dighe was attached to Shivsena and its philosophy.  Therefore, he wasn’t much interested in business or studies.
  • At the time of his death, the man was a fan of Marathi Nationalism, Hindutva, and Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.
  • It was his zodiac sign Aquarius.

Anand Dighe Career

Dighe was a politician at an early age. He became the President of the Shivsena’s Thane Unit in 1984. Dighe was an activist with a huge fan base. He was known as Dharmaveer. He was regarded as a formidable muscular man in Thane. He was known to hold daily Durbar in his Tembhi Naka residence to figure out the issues of Thane residents and Shiv Sena Party members.

Dighe was accused of the murder conviction of Shiv Sena Party member Sridhar Khopkar, who had apparently voted for Congress in 1989. Dighe was detained under TADA and released on bail. The case remained open until the time of his death.

Anand Dighe Relationship

According to social media postings, the status of his marriage is not married. The name of his wife is not known. If you’re interested in learning more about his life read this article and find out more about his family here.

Anand Dighe Death

Dighe was admitted to the hospital in August 2001 following a car accident. He was injured in a minor way to his leg. While undergoing treatment, the hospital officials informed the public that Dighe was dead from an attack on the heart. The people who followed him believed that he died as a result due to medical negligence. As consequently, his followers burned their way through the Sunitadevi Singhania Hospital in Thane where he passed away. Some of his people believed that he was murdered due to his popularity. There are numerous conspiracy theories about the cause of the death of Anand Dighe.

Following his death, many additional Shiv Sena leaders, including Uddhav Thackeray, had been removed from Thane to avoid the situation from happening as Shiv Sena workers became furious. “Even two decades after his death, Dighe still remains a charismatic figure in Thane city and district, which has a significant section of Shiv Sena workers who regard him as a deity.”

Following the demise of Anand Dighe, Eknath Shinde was declared the political heir to the Thane district. He aimed to embark on his political career exactly as his mentor Anand Dighe used to do. For as long as Anand Dighe lived, there were no other sahibs that were within the Thane district. Following Balsaheb Thackeray, the term “saheb” was never used before anybody Shiv Sena politician, except for his name. The Maharashtra hospital’s Kalwa town has been named the “Dharmaveer Anand Dighe Heart Disease Treatment Center”.

The Marathi film “Dharmaveer” was released on 13 May 2022. It is based on The life and times of Anand Dighe. The film focuses on the intimate love affair that existed between Bal Thackeray as well as Anand Dighe. In a chat between NBT Online, Ashok Wankhede declares that Bal Thackeray, as well as Anand Dighe, shared an uneasy love-hate relationship.

Anand Dighe Business

He was keen on his Construction business and was the owner of several Hotels. He was also closely associated with Raj Thackeray so much. Some say they have companies together(It’s not confirmed). The young Raj Thackeray was seen many times in the company of Dighe Saheb.

Anand Dighi Accident

Dighe suffered injuries in the course of a car accident that happened in the early morning of August 25, 2001. He was transported to the Sunitidevi Singhania Hospital in Thane and was treated for a fractured leg. The surgeons operated on Dighe on the following day. But, he was struck by two heart attacks in the evening. He died in the evening around 10.30 pm. at the time the Sena leader, announced the news about Dighe’s death to the Sainiks who were been gathered around the area.

The family of Anand Dighe

Anand Dighe’s parents’ and wife’s information isn’t publicly available and we haven’t found many details about his previous relationships.




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Anand Dighe Movie

The Marathi film “Dharmaveer” was released on 13 May 2022. It is based on the story of Anand Dighe. The film portrays the relationship that was intimate of Bal Thackeray and Anand Dighe. In a discussion in an interview with NBT Online, Ashok Wankhede declares that Bal Thackeray Anand Dighe shared an intense love-hate relationship. There was also some debate over film screenings of the Marathi movie “Dharmaveer”. According to reports, Uddhav Thackeray had to leave the screening at the midpoint. He claimed that there was a reason for this. Uddhav stated that he was not prepared to see the final scene of the film by Anand Dighe. According to Uddhav, he couldn’t imagine the death of Anand Dighe on screen. The film was promoted in the name of Eknath Shinde. Eknath Shinde purchased tickets to the film in large quantities and distributed them to his followers to ensure that he knew about the rise of Shinde’s political career through Dighe’s character during the production. In the movie, Eknath Shinde is said to be the true heir to Anand Dighe.

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