Biography of Lord Sri Krishna

Sri Krishna is one of the most beloved gods in Hinduism. He was an incarnation of Vishnu, and his life story has been immortalized in scripture and poetry for thousands of years. In this article, we’ll explore some of the highlights from Krishna’s life story: how he came into existence in the first place, how he helped save his people from persecution by killing their tyrannical ruler; and how he helped unite two warring kingdoms through marriage alliances between their royal children.

Origin and birth of Sri Krishna

Krishna was born in Mathura, India. His parents were Vasudeva and Devaki. Krishna’s father was the head of the Yadavas, a warrior tribe that lived in central India.

The story of how Lord Krishna came to be on earth begins with his father’s promise to his sister Rohini that he would marry her son Kansa to their daughter Devaki if she gave birth before Rohini did. When both women delivered babies at about the same time, Kansa refused to honour his promise and cast out Rohini’s son from his kingdom along with all other newborn boys after killing them by kicking them down from Mount Krauncha into river Yamuna (Yamunā River).

Sri Krishna’s childhood playmates

You might be wondering who Krishna’s friends were. We can tell you that they were the sons of Nanda and Yasoda, Krishna’s foster parents. They were very close to him and shared many happy moments together.

Krishna also had a younger brother called Balarama. Although he was younger than Krishna, he was still quite big and strong!

In his childhood days, Lord Krishna spent most of his time playing with his friends like any other child would do!

The escape from Mathura to Gokul

Krishna and Balarama were born in Mathura, the capital city of Ugrasena. Kansa was the cruel ruler of Mathura. He wanted to kill Krishna and Balarama because it had been told that one day Krishna would become king of Mathura and kill Kansa.

After many years, when Krishna was about eight years old, he went to Gokul (near modern Delhi) with his brother Balarama to play with friends. Kansa heard that Krishna was in Gokul so he sent two demons named Putana and Trinavarta to kill him there. But they failed because they were killed by a special power given by Lord Vishnu himself! Then Kansa sent another demon named Sankhachuda who also tried his best but failed again when killed by Vishnu’s power!

Return to Mathura and killing of Kansa

When Sri Krishna was 16 years old, he returned to his home city of Mathura after spending the majority of his childhood at Vrindavan. On this visit, he killed Kansa and reinstated Ugrasena as the king. This marked the beginning of Sri Krishna’s reign in Mathura as well as a period called Dvapara Yuga or simply “the Age of Dwapara” (whereas Kali Yuga is both present time and age). This was also when Sri Krishna began acting out his divine form more often—in other words, when he became known for fighting with weapons like a warrior instead of just using them for defence like a child would do with toys.”

Majestic prince in the power of Sri Krishna

If you’re a Hindu, Sri Krishna is your most worshipped god. He was the prince of Dwarka and lord of Mathura. Known as Govinda or the protector of cows, his colour is blue and his symbol is a flute.

Sri Krishna’s marriage with Rukmini

When Sri Krishna visited Vidarbha, he saw Rukmi’s daughter Rukmini and fell in love with her. When he proposed to her, Rukmini said that she would only marry him if he defeated her father in a game of dice. So Krishna returned to Dwarka and challenged Rukmi to the game of dice. After losing all his wealth, the king asked Sri Krishna to take away everything except his daughter’s hand in marriage.

Sri Krishna Marriage festivities of Shridama and Subhadra

One day, Shridama and Subhadra were having a conversation about their wedding. They both decided to give each other gifts that would make them look good in front of their family members. Shridama went to Sri Krishna for advice and asked him what she should give to his sister as a gift. In response, Sri Krishna suggested that she make Subhadra wear pink or red clothing because they made her skin look whiter and her hair appears blacker.

From this story, you can see that Shridama was willing to do anything for his marriage with Subhadra because he saw how important it was for him not only as a lover but also as an individual who wanted respect from others.”

Sri Krishna’s mission as a peacemaker

Sri Krishna’s mission as a peacemaker was to bring peace and harmony. His life was an example of love, compassion, unity and brotherhood. He believed that people should not fight with each other but live like friends. He also taught that one should not seek victory over others but strive for personal growth because only then would there be happiness in life.

Sri Krishna at war with Jarasandha and Kalayavana

In order to secure his kingdom, Jarasandha invited all the kings of India to a royal sacrifice. His plan was to kill them at this sacrifice and become the king of all India. But Sri Krishna learnt about this and decided that he would go there and stop him. He went there with his army, but when they arrived at the place where the sacrifice was going on, they found that it had already started without them! So they rushed forward shouting: “We are here at last!” However, before they could do anything else Jarasandha’s soldiers surrounded them tightly and tied their hands behind their backs so tightly that even the strength of an elephant could not undo those bonds!

Sri Krishna assumes his true nature

But before you start thinking of him as a god, Sri Krishna is more than just a part of the Hindu trinity. He’s also Vishnu, the supreme being who took on human form to save mankind from itself—and then remained within that form for the rest of his life.

His divine nature makes him one with all things: he is their creator; their preserver; their destroyer. When all things are dissolved back into Vishnu at the end of an age (Kalpa), it is Sri Krishna who unites them again through his own essence and begins another cycle or Kalpa as we see in The Mahabharata.

Final days of Sri Krishna

Krishna’s funeral rites were performed by Arjuna, who later founded the city of Dwarka. Sri Krishna was cremated on a pyre in Kurukshetra and not in Hastinapura, as some sources say. According to legend, Yudhishthira performed the last rites of his brother Sri Krishna at this location.

Over time, various religious and cultural followers have come to regard Sri Krishna as an incarnation of Vishnu or God himself. His death was seen as a great tragedy that changed how people viewed life and death always.


Sri Krishna was the most important figure in the Bhagavad Gita and is one of Hinduism’s most celebrated gods. He is also known as Lord Vishnu, the Supreme Being, who appeared on Earth as an incarnation of himself. Sri Krishna was born as a prince named Vasudeva in Mathura, India around 3100 BCE. His father was King Devaki’s husband and his mother was Rohini, their second wife who happened to be related through marriage or bloodline with Kansa (the tyrant king who had tried to kill all newborn babies).

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