E-Gyan Mitra App Online Learning Hub Review

E-Gyan Mitra is online learning software launched in Daman Administration Daman Administration of Dadra Nagar Haveli and Daman Diu’s Education Department. The program is a government-led initiative to offer free education for students through the internet as a platform. E-Gyan Mitra is available for free on the Google Play Store for students in secondary and primary school. The app also provides facilities for students to take part in professional online classes to enhance their knowledge of topics and theories.

Important Information about E-Gyan Mitra

– In the millenium Press, the Dadra Nagar administration Haveli as well as Daman Diu unveiled the E-Gyan-Mitra online learning program in front of the Prime Secretary Narendra Modi.

Students can learn classes online on a variety of subjects using this application.

Teachers can share their lectures recorded and create tests on the app.

The app allows teachers to monitor the performance of students and guide them in areas that require improvement.

E-Gyan Mitra is compatible with four languages: English, Hindi, Gujarati and Marathi.

People can download various versions of the app to fit their specific device. For instance, one could get versions of the E-Gyan Mitra 0.0.4 APK, 0.0.5 APK or 0.0.6 APK version of the application.

Students need to establish an account and login to use the application and take part in the quizzes.

Parents can monitor the amount of lectures their kids take along with the performance of their children and other information.

E-Gyan works on nearly every Android device, and uses the battery and data of the device.

How to Download E-Gyan-Mitra mobile application

If you’re looking to download the E-Gyan-Mitra application then you’re in the in the right place. We will guide the steps you need to follow to download it installed on your smartphone:

First, Open Play Store in Your Mobile phone.

Search E-Gyan Mitra on the top of the search bar.

You can find similar results

But, you need to install E-Gyan Mtra


It is recommended that users download apps such as E-Gyan Mitra from safe websites like Play Store. This protects your device from malware and viruses.


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