Is Not Getting Enough Sleep as Bad as Smoking for Your Health?

Although using smoking shop products like cigarettes is well known to be more harmful than just a bad habit, recent research suggests that there may be an even larger health risk: inadequate sleep. The majority of us don’t get as much sleep as we should and many of us have less than we used to. How about if you smoke? You probably get even less sleep than usual. Additionally, some of the online vape stores are selling their cannabis products with the saying that these items are very helpful regarding problems with insomnia. Moreover, some of the best hookah shops have also stated that their products are a great substitute for smoking.

What Effects Does Lack of Sleep Have on Us?

Teenagers require closer to nine hours of sleep each night than adults do (7 to 9 hours is the recommended range for adults, but we’ll reserve that discussion for another day). There are several negative effects on our health if we don’t get enough sleep, including:


As we become older, our chance of developing Alzheimer’s grows. The amyloid plaques that underlie Alzheimer’s disease are among the toxins that sleep removes from the brain. Long-term kept-awake volunteers displayed enormous surges in this chemical.

An invitation to a weak immune system:

Our defense mechanisms deteriorate. For the immune system to work properly, sleep is necessary. In particular, it supports critical T lymphocytes, which eliminate contaminated cells and battle bacterial and viral infections as well as various malignancies. Your body will alert you to the need for extra sleep while you are ill since T cells function better while you are asleep. As a result, your body tells you should sleep more if you are sick.

Heart Complexities:

Heart disease, the majority of cancers, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, and even suicide are all at increased risk for us. Every year, the first week of January sees an increase in suicides.

Compromising our cognitive abilities:

Similar to when we are drunk, our cognitive abilities are compromised. You may not be able to see clear as your body will feel like you are being over the limit after 20 hours of being awake. Drowsy driving is a factor in almost 100,000 crashes that the police report every year. Additionally, getting too little sleep causes us to forget, particularly information we have just learned.

Do you recall what was on this list’s first item? If not, you might want to research having a sleep study done at home. By the way, staying up all night studying for that important exam is not a wise move.

Using smoke shop products and losing sleep can also affect your sex drive. Your libido declines as a result of sleep deprivation. Given that one of the causes of sleep apnea in males is declining testosterone as men age, this is especially relevant to men who have the condition.

Skin aging is a reality. The phrase “beauty sleep” isn’t just a catchphrase; its originators probably observed that those who sleep more attractively. Human growth hormone, which is essential for mending everyday wear and tear, is produced by our body while we are sleeping deeply.

Why Do We Not Get Enough Sleep?

The epidemic of sleep deprivation in society is caused by a number of factors, including:

  • Too much emphasis is put on staying awake later and getting by on less sleep. Teenagers and night owls, by nature, are more impacted by the latter. For instance, many fitness experts advise exercising first thing in the morning. The pressure from society to sleep less is amazing!
  • Extreme levels of activity that don’t leave adequate time for rest.
  • The use of screens after midnight has been shown to decrease sleep. Social media and smartphones can keep us from maintaining the consistent nighttime routine that most people require to get a decent night’s sleep.
  • High levels of stress result in insomnia and many other sleep conditions, which can feed a vicious cycle (remember how our word of the day said that lack of sleep creates sadness and causes lack of sleep? BIDIRECTIONAL).
  • Despite being more prevalent among middle-aged and older men, sleep apnea can also afflict women and young children. This sleep issue can affect even healthy, lean individuals.
  • When a person has sleep apnea, their sleep is frequently disrupted. As a result, they may experience daytime sleepiness and other health issues without being aware of the cause. A partner is frequently the one to recognize there might be a problem.

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